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So, I just watched "Balance of Terror" and it was completely awesome. There was a space battle! With Romulans! And it showed how just because they're evil doesn't mean they don't know how to do their jobs! The Romulans, while in the wrong, were still sympathetic characters! It was so cool!

btw, [ profile] pupasilenti, stop looking at me like that, I think we both know that this show has got me hard. It's only natural I post about it non-stop


ETA: I just started "Shore Leave" and not even three minutes in I have to pause to make wild hand motions at my parents (who find these reactions amusing, apparently). I mean, first Kirk gets a back rub on the bridge which involves saying "harder" and he thinks it's Spock rubbing his back. When he realizes that it's the pretty young Yoeman (for once, not Yoeman Rand, who seems to be a glorified waitress), he has her stop. Then we cut to Sulu and McCoy on the planet and when Sulu goes off to do something vaguely responsible, Bones turns around and there's the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and I think to myself "Holy shit, Doctor, maybe you should lay off the drugs, omg". I paused before I could see if he goes after the rabbit or not. I may never stop laughing if he does.


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You know, I wasn't looking at you funny until you told me not to. And then I just couldn't resist. So now Spock and I shall stare at you like you are crazy. Because you totally are.

And by that I mean we love you.

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I'm not crazy! It's the others, they're crazy! I tried to tell them, but they wouldn't believe me! Why wouldn't they believe me?

(also, if you're curious, McCoy did not go after the white rabbit, but he pointed which way the rabbit went for Alice. Later in the episode Bones flirts with a yoeman and then gets a chorus girl on each arm. Good times.)

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They probably won't believe you because they're looking at you and going, "OMFG, she's fucking out of her mind." Or something like that.

(Well isn't he a lucky man? Also, stop geeking at me when I can't geek right back. D; I'm currently jealous. I wish I could remember which episodes I watched...)

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But, if I can't geek at you who can I geek at?

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Um, well, actually... I have no idea. D;
Also, I want to see the Star Trek movie again. Because I'm a geek.
And I don't want any of it slipping from my mind, because it was awesome and I lurved it and I think I need help. It's like an addiction. A horrible addiction. Horrible in an awesome sort of way.

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True fact: I checked today and the movie is no longer showing anywhere in the north country. This saddens me like no other thing.

(I doubt your mother will let us take a trip all the way to the southern part of the state just to see a movie)

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Awww! DDDD:
North Country sucks ass. Also, did you ever decide on an Orientation date because... I'd really like to know.

Not that that has anything to do with Star Trek. But you're right, she wouldn't let us go that far. /: She'd be very cross with me.

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I know, right? I blame "Up". Clearly it pushed Star Trek out of theaters.

... No, I haven't picked an orientation date yet. I should probably talk to my mom about that.
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To be fair, "Up" did look rather cute. And I'm sure other people, not us, are not as obsessed with this new Star Trek movie. Because they're somewhat sane.

Um, yes, you should do that. I need a buddy and, well, you know. A way to get there. I'm rooting for the 29th, just so you know.

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Yeah, I hear "Up" is good. And I'm sure that there are people more obsessed with the new Star Trek than we are.

I'm looking at the stuff now. I just told Mom about it.

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Well, there are most definitely people more obsessed with it, but we're pretty high up there on the list. <3

Okay, good, because we need to sign up for that shit, yo. <3

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... I don't really have anything to respond to that, other than "good point". I just want to comment to use my last new Star Trek icon.

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I'm not sure this is my last Star Trek icon, but I want to use it anyway. <3

(And no, it's not. I have three or four others.)