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I just watched "City on the Edge of Forever". I may have giggled more than was really appropriate. But that's just how I react to things I like! Anyway, I'll try to remember at least some of the things I thought during the episode. In no particular order:

1. Starfleet Officers really need better training. I mean, not only did their Chief Medical Office stab himself with his own hypospray, but the security team also can't guard people worth shit. I don't care if he got Vulcan neck pinched into unconsciousness, that's no reason to stop watching over him. Believe it or not, people can regain consciousness. I know, I was surprised too.

2. Ha ha, the time machine called Spock stupid.

3. McCoy may be a simple country doctor, but he totally took out that transporter technician without any effort. Because he's awesome (we'll ignore that whole impaled with his own hypospray thing)

4. Did no one ever question the strange noises that came from Kirk and Spock's room (get your mind out of the gutter! We'll get to those thoughts in a moment!). I mean, there were all these explosions and high pitched noises! There was a fire! And it didn't seem like he turned the machine off when he left the room (which probably caused the whole "fire" thing, really).

5. I love how Spock made the computer machine thing basically because Kirk dared him. "Oh, you can't build a computer with a stick and some chewing gum? Oh, dear. I thought you were better than that. Oh, well, I suppose such things are simply beyond you. It's okay, I understand". Which really just goes to show that, while hot, Captain Kirk is kind of a jerk.

6. It took me most of the episode to remember that the girl's name is Edith Keller. I kept calling her Sergeant Sarah Brown in my head.

7. Speaking of her, how great is it that McCoy and Kirk flirt with the same girl without even realizing it?

8. Of course she had to die, Kirk. That's the way that TV works!

9. You know, the easy way to explain Spock would have been to say that he has a birth defect. And only bring it up if people ask. Otherwise it seems as if you're hiding something.

10. Never send The Enterprise crew on any sort of covert op. They would suck at it.

11. They also make poor criminals. Stealing in broad day light near a busy street? Good job, guys.

12. I love how even paranoid, deranged, exhausted, and just generally having a bad time, McCoy still takes a moment to go "omg, I would love to go see an old Earth hospital, even though they are creepy as fuck".

13. I am possibly more amused than I should be that that guy phasered himself in the face.

14. I, of course, feel very poorly for Kirk, because he actually liked this girl.

15. On the note of Kirk like girls, DIRTY THOUGHT #1: Kirk and Spock changed in front of each other when putting on the civilian clothes

16. DIRTY THOUGHT #2: There appeared to be only one bed in their apartment and very little floor space.

17. DIRTY THOUGHT #3: Doctor Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy.

I was talking about these things with my beloved mother and one thing lead to another and, well. I demand that someone write me an episode of Star Trek as written by Mary Shelley. Focusing on the relationship between Kirk and Spock. (McCoy can come too, because I love him most, and I'm sure Mary would have been okay with idea of the three of them)

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