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I just watching "Operation: Annihilate!", the last episode of the first season. All I can think right now is omg, you guys fail at science forever. Even I know that you shouldn't move on to the next test before examining the results of the previous one! That path leads to blinding your first officer in a fit of stupidity.

But, man, it would have been so awesome if Star Trek existed in a time of arc-based plotting, instead of hitting the reset button at the end of every episode. Can you imagine the sort of wonderful things that could happen? There could have been fall out over the whole Spock taking over the ship thing! Relationships on board could develop! Kirk can actually have emotional continuity in terms of all the girls he's loved and lost! Not to mention the recent loss of his brother, which I'm sure will never be mentioned again! There could also be a war with Romulus going on, since they broke the treaty! And wild things with Klingons, since the diplomatic talks had fallen apart! It would be so cool.

Also, my nose is running and I wish it to stop.

ETA later in the day, so that I don't spam people's flists

I just watched "Amok Time" and PON FARR IS HILARIOUS. There is all this dramatic music, and extreme camera angles and ANGRY BELLS ARE ANGRY. And I think Spock had metaphorical sex with Kirk. 'Cause the blood fever isn't supposed to leave until Vulcans mate, right? And Spock stopped being crazy after he thought he killed Kirk (I suppose one could say Kirk had a "little death"). And after the fight he had no interest in the hot Vulcan chick that every one else was all "Wow, dude, you got yourself a looker" about. Therefore, theirs is a love that shall last a lifetime. Or something.

In conclusion: HA HA Vulcan sexuality!

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According to an episode in Star Trek - Voyager it is either sex or ritual combat to purge the blood fever.

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I'm not sure that actually stops the fight from being metaphorical sex. I mean, it's still a whole lot of physical exertion during a mating ritual.

I admit, I might be explaining it away just so that I can keep saying that Kirk and Spock had metaphorical sex. Because they so totally did, omg.

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Fighting=hot and sweaty
sex=hot and sweaty
same difference.
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re: Pon Farr

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Hey. Hey. You should read this series. YOU WILL LOVE IT I AM JUST SAYING.

Re: Pon Farr

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True fact: I saw that fic a while ago and went "I shall read it!" and then went "Oh, wait, there are spoilers for episodes I haven't seen yet. I shall wait until I see them (screw the movie spoilers)". And then I forgot about the fic entirely. Yay me! So thank you for linking it and reminding me. Yay you!

(also, yay baby! Because I'm sure she helped somehow.)
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