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The Immunity Syndrome



I feel that any episode that has me burst out in loud, obnoxious, and actually kinda inappropriate laughter is an awesome episode. I admit, I laughed at Spock's "OMG WHUT" face at the beginning, when he felt a disturbance in the force. As if 400 Vulcans said "that is illogical" and were suddenly silenced.

You know, as much as I love Doctor McCoy (for he is my one true love), he is a kinda crap doctor. I mean, when someone faints, you don't just prop them right back into their chair. And as a doctor, he shouldn't have just abandoned his patient like that, before even examining him. Though, he was just using the same hypospray on everybody on the bridge, so clearly he's been forgetting his training again. Doctor McCoy, didn't anyone teach you that sharing needles is bad?

I love how there is a giant hole in space and instead of, say, running tests and such from a distance and sending a report to Starfleet Command, they decide to go towards the thing they know killed 400 Vulcans.

Doctor McCoy: You know what I vote? I vote that we don't die.
Captain Kirk: I'll take that under consideration.
McCoy: Awesome, I'll be in sickbay.
Kirk: Hey, everyone! We're going to fly into our inevitable demise!
McCoy: Son of a bitch.

Poor Scotty, nothing was doing anything it was supposed to be doing. They tried going in reverse and they went forward! Madness*!

Kirk: If we used our forward thrusters, would we go backward?
Scotty: There would be absolutely no logic to that!
Kirk: Yeah, and don't you just want to see Spock's face if it works?
Scotty: Trying it now, sir.

I have a question? If their sensors can't pick up whatever energy the GIANT SPACE AMOEBA OMG is sending out, why did the deflector shield come up? Can the shield detect things the ships sensors can't? Should they maybe look into that?

(Theory: Scotty messed with the deflector shields one night while incredibly drunk. They don't know how the shields work anymore, but they know that they work really well)

And they find out that it's a GIANT SPACE AMOEBA OMG and their response is "OMG LET'S STUDY IT". And by "their" I mean "Mostly Doctor McCoy". Though, it's occured to me that the Enterprise is full of incredibly well armed nerds. Makes you think twice about picking on the physics geeks when you realize that in the future they're the ones who are going to be saying "Arm photon torpedoes".

So for reasons that I'm sure made sense at the time** they have to send a manned shuttle into the GIANT SPACE AMOEBA OMG. Spock and McCoy fight over who should take the suicide mission. McCoy thinks that he's the one with the better credentials. Spock's thinks he's the one more likely to survive.

Kirk: Guys, why don't I take the suicide mission?
Spock & McCoy: NO.
Kirk: Dudes!
Spock: You are far to valuable to lose, the crew needs you as it's captain.
McCoy: Also, you know jack shit about science.

So he has to pick which one of his friends to send to his death. When he finally tells them which he chose, he treats it kinda like a reality TV show. He's all "Spock, I'm sorry...." like he's about to tell him that he doesn't get to kill himself today, and then he's all "you're going on the shuttle", which is just want Spock wanted. I think Kirk has been watching to much America's Next Top Model. I swear, if he starts trying to smile with only his eyes, I quit.

Really, it probably would have been easier to play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock.

Also: I giggled every time they said "penetrate". Hee!

And then Spock goes into the GIANT SPACE AMOEBA OMG and bitches at Bones the whole time. And then he's lowering life support and he is going to die omg!

Spock: Tell... Doctor McCoy....
Everyone: *is listening intently*
Spock: He should have wished me good luck.
McCoy: omg whut.
Kirk: GOOD JOB, BONES, you killed Spock!

And they eventually figure out how to kill the thing and nobody important dies. Except for that small part of Bones' soul.

Though, if they used up all of their energy penetrating (Hee!) the GIANT SPACE AMOEBA OMG, how did they have the power to get to warp three to get back to the space station? IT MAKES NO SENSE.

Unless Scotty has been drinking again. In which case: whatever.


Spock: Gentlemen, we are going this way. Because I said so.
McCoy: That is a stupid move and you are stupid for doing it!
Scotty: I'm with the doctor!
Spock: Well. Are you saying you want to... mutiny?
McCoy and Scotty: Mutiny?
Spock: Mutiny.
McCoy: You know, thinking about it, that way is really the best direction.
Scotty: It totally is.
Spock: Very good.
Me: Hey, Spock. Remember that one time you mutinied? No? Well, that's okay, since apparently no one else does either.

IN OTHER NEWS: My nose is running and I'm all out of tissues. My life is full of pain and snot.

*Madness? THIS. IS. STAR TREK!
**Though, this is Star Trek, so who knows

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