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Someday, I'll learn to write things down while I'm actually watching the episode

So, after marathoning the entire first season of Community (twice)(Jeff/Annie ftw), I have watched the Star Trek episode "Spectre of the Gun". I didn't actually pay all that much attention to the episode, though, as I was peeling peaches at the same time and they were giving me trouble (mmmmm, peach pie. good times).

I can't help but think that the entire episode would have been better if out heroes (this episode consisting of Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, and Chekov) had been in period clothing.

Because Kirk pissed off some hyper-intelligent aliens (another Tuesday on the Enterprise), our heroes are sent to a world where they are to be executed in some way that the aliens find appropriate. Clearly, the most obvious choice is a reenactment of the shoot-out at the OK Corral, with our heroes as the losers.

They chose this, apparently, because Kirk's ancestors explored the west back when it was wild. Despite his family history and actually being from around that area ("that area" here meaning "North America, Earth"), it's Spock that actually knows what happened, historically. He actually knows it with a scary amount of detail, considering that this is just one incident from a planet he's not even from.

So the gang thinks that they are part of history, playing the guys who die in the end. They're worried because you can't change history. Except for those times when they totally did. Remember "City on the Edge of Forever", y'all? You were kinda changing history left right and center that episode.

They think that they're a part of history right now. Do they think that the historical Tombstone Arizona was a town completely devoid of walls? Because each building in the town only has one wall each. They notice that the town seems sort of put together from bits and pieces, but no one ever comments on the draft indoors.

So everyone tries to come up with ways for them to not die. Except Chekov. Instead, he macks on the girl who thinks he's the guy she loves. Priorities, he has them. Of course, this macking results in Chekov being shot in the chest and dying.



Our heroes are kinda bummed, and Scotty and Bones bitch out Spock for seeming not to care that Chekov is dead. On the bright side, Chekov was playing the one guy who didn't historically die at the shoot out. So there's hope for the rest of them to not go down in history!

Doctor McCoy couldn't save Chekov, but he was able to grab a bunch of chemicals and plants and make a tranquilizer, because that isn't kinda impossible at all. Captain Kirk insists on it being field tested, because he actually felt like being intelligent for once. Scotty volunteers to be the test subject, but his body resolutely refuses to fall unconscious.

McCoy: But! Science! It should work! That's why it's science.
Me: Have you not noticed that the painting over there is hanging in open air? What does science say about that?

So the guys come up with a back up plan, since knocking everyone out isn't going to work. Their plan is to just not go to the OK Corral. There can't be a game if they refuse to play, right? Sadly, their captors don't agree and just zap the over to the Corral.

Kirk: Well, this is gonna suck.
Spock: Actually...

It turns out that Spock has a solution! Because he's Spock, and that's how he rolls this season. I think they're trying to compensate for taking away his brain? Except he saved the day in that one, too. Anyway! Spock figures that all of this is in their heads! None of it is real! Chekov only died because he expected the gun to kill him! Never mind that by that same logic, Scotty should have fallen unconscious with the tranquilizer! If they acknowledge that the guns can't hurt them, then the guns won't! But they have to have complete faith in their safety.

Spock can be sure, because he's a Vulcan and that's how they roll. The rest are human, though, and they can't help but have that last bit of doubt that would get them killed. Spock has that covered, too, though. He can help them have absolute faith in this.

I'll be honest, I was really hoping that they were going to shoot Spock. I think it would have been funny. Also, it would have been fast and efficient. Instead, Spock suggests that he mind meld with everyone and give them his conviction. I still think that shooting him would have been better.

So the shoot out happens and Our Heroes don't die, and they don't kill Doc Holiday* and his guys. The aliens are impresed with Kirk's restraint and agree to actually talk with him. Everyone returns to the Enterprise and it turns out that Chekov is less dead than previously assumed, which is just too bad, really. I still really don't like Chekov.

On a slightly different note, have an awesome Star Trek fanvid.

*the only character whose name I remember

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