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Yesterday I watched another episode of Star Trek. It sadly lack amoebas, nazis, and gangsters.

Instead, it had the cold war.

For a while I had been "but where's the moral of this story? This is clearly a story that's working towards a moral." and then the American Flag and commies showed up and I was all "AH! A moral approaches!" And I learned that the American Constitution applies to everyone, including Godless Communists.


I'm not sure I believe it, but I'll take their word for it. You know, whatever.

Really, the more important thing is that in this episode our beloved Captain Kirk seemed to actually believe in the Prime Directive. He was all "DUDE. You interfered with the natives? That's less than cool." And Spock pointed out that it was actually pretty criminal. McCoy said something about survival, but I'm not sure I trust Bones to not be an idiot about things.

I call him an idiot with greatest love and respect, you realize.

And the evil!captain was all "Kirk, you know you want to interfere. It's so much fun! And it's not like you haven't done it before". And you would think that if you were going to interfere with an alien culture and give them phasers and such, you would also teach them how to bind prisoners properly.

And the evil!captain sets Bones to the task of finding immortality while Kirk gets to fight some big strong natives and Spock gets to watch like the voyeur he is.

And Bones considers grabbing a weapon to attack his guard, but he is caught. He grabs a drink, though, because he doesn't believe in an action going to waste.

Kirk and Spock escape their prison and go and rescue Bones. They crash through the door* and knock out the guard and go "Bones! We're here!" and Bones doesn't even blink, because that's how he rolls.

Bones: Whatever. You guys be over there and do thrilling space heroics. I'll be over here doing science.
Kirk: And how is the science going?
Bones: Well, I found out everything I needed to know. We're not dying, we're not risking the ship, and alcohol is yummy. That last one is an ongoing experiment. It requires constant testing.
Kirk:... okay? So you found immortality?
Bones: Fuck, no! Immortality doesn't exist, you moron. Jeez. The natives live so long because it's their natural life span.
Kirk: ... wut?
Bones: You want to live forever? You can try a healthy diet and regular exercise. You might not get forever, but you'll get a while.
Kirk: ... I think I hate you a little bit.
Bones: Eat your veggies is my point.

So there are the Yankees who are big, tall, and blond, and there are the commies who are Asians wearing fur coats. Because they're communists, you see. Yeah.

And there are holy words! The holy words being the declaration of independence and the constitution and maybe the national anthem, I'm not sure. All of these American, of course.

It's what could have happened after the Cold War, see. There would have been confusion and a loss of ourselves.

And we apparently would have lost the separation of church and state as well. I really wish that when Kirk was explaining the real truth about the constitution he would have brought up that they've been confusing political documents with the Bible.

Speaking of the Bible, I'm impressed that they had an exact picture of Spock there to represent evil. And that the evil!captain knew about that picture.

Do Bible's often have pictures of Vulcans in them? My Bible has no pictures at all. This saddens me.

And then there is a fight where Kirk rolls around in the arms of another man and Spock puts a thrall on an innocent women and makes you wonder about that whole demonic thing.

Then Sulu comes down and that moral is made clear and you wonder if anyone is ever going to bring up Kirk's tendency to break the Prime Directive. "A Private Little War", anyone? I think "Return of the Archons" had some Directive breaking, too. And "The Apple"?

Really, though, I think the most important question of the episode is "Why was Sulu in command?" I mean, Kirk and Spock where off of the ship, sure, but where was Scotty? I thought he was third in command? I thought that was established? Is Scotty drunk again? 'Cause if he is, he should have the decency to let the rest of us know.

Because a drunken Scotty is a hilarious Scotty.

*they knock and distract the guard, actually, but whatever
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I just watched By Any Other Name. In this episode we're told how Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Scotty each solve a problem.

Kirk, as we all know, seduces the problem.
Spock plays mind games with the problem. Preferably over a nice game of chess.
Bones injects the problem, proving that he does actually know how to do medicine.
And Scotty drinks the problem under the table, like a boss.

Alien: What is this?
Scotty: It. It's. It's green.

I spent the first half of the episode kind of bored and the second half amused for possibly the wrong reasons. So good times.
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Really, I'm surprised that neither Dad nor I started singing Tomorrow Belongs to Me while watching the episode )

On a slightly different note: If you were going to force your friends to watch Star Trek for the first time, which episode(s) would you start with?
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Me: *watching A Private Little War.*
Dramatic Music: *starts playing*
Mom: *from across the room* Ah! The single-horned space yeti!
Me: *pauses DVD*
Me: *stares at the single-horned space yeti*
Me: Mom. When was the last time you saw this episode?
Mom: Ummmm. Twenty, twenty-five years ago. It is the space yeti, right?
Me: Mom. I can't remember my room number at school. How do remember what's on my screen right now?
Mom: Well. I really like Star Trek. It's a thing.
Me: Right.

Other than that, my response to the whole episode was "Really?" and not even in an awesome "REALLY? SPACE GANGSTERS?" kind of way, either.
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Today I watched the TOS episode A Piece of the Action, or, has it shall henceforth be known, Gangsters in SPACE! Because that's what it was.

I'm really not sure where to start. I mean. Gangsters. Gangsters. They land on a planet where men just walk around with tommy guns and the women, while not carrying tommy guns (and how unfair is that?) do have hand guns of some kind and wear hats that I envy. Seriously, why did those hats go out of fashion? I would look so cute in one!



You want to know how good Scotty is at his job? The only directions he had was "an intersection with a yellow fire hydrant". And you know what? He found that hydrant. Because he's Montgomery goddamn Scott and if given the instructions "That place. With the thing. You know?" he could find it. That's why he's assigned to the Enterprise. To be the only competent person on board.

Well, him and Doctor McCoy. Who is such a good doctor that he can declare someone dead with out properly examining him or even, really, looking at him. He was able to feel the life leave that man's body. I HAVE TO BELIEVE THIS.

My beloved elder brother made fun of the show for having gangsters and of me for watching it. I told him that a) Gangsters are awesome, b) The setting isn't exactly the point, it's the people involved, c) It makes more sense than the Nazi Germany planet* and d) he's a jerk. Really, the reason this episode existed was to make use of old props and put William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in awesome suits and have everyone waving around tommy guns. And because gangsters are awesome.

I also love how incredibly incompetent the crew of the Enterprise is at doing just about anything. Seriously, every time they went and saw someone on that planet they got kidnapped at gun point. Never mind that they had superior training and technology, the power of the suit overwhelmed them. It was only after they got suits of their own that everything really started going their way.

And by "of their own", I mean Kirk went and stripped a couple of guys! And he didn't even buy them dinner first! For shame, sir. You have a reputation to keep up, remember.

It's great, by the way, how the suits fit them perfectly. Very fortuitous.

And Captain Kirk can't drive a car. He in fact fails at it. I'm sure that if the car was capable of being seduced, he would have been all over it, though. (Perhaps not with his Vulcan boyfriend right there? Did Kirk ever seduce any one where Spock could see him?)

Twin decided that given the rules of Fizzwig that Kirk stated, Spock could probably come up with the actual game. And then beat everyone at it. Like a boss.

I decided that if Uhura had gone down to the planet she could have understood all their slang and used it right back at them. Only without sounding as douchey as Captain Kirk. Because she's a linguist and linguists will eventually take over the world**.

Is it bad, that when Scotty beamed one of the crime lords from one point on the planet to the another point on the planet my first reaction was "BUT NEITHER END HAD A PROPER TRANSPORTER PAD, YOU CAN'T BEAM WITH OUT ONE D:"? Because I did. Because I am a geek. Yes.

I also watched The Gamesters of Triskelion yesterday and I have to wonder why the higher life forms/disembodied brains were gambling on kidnapped gladiators and what they were gambling with. I mean, does Triskelion have any sort of economy at all? Do they have a means of exchanging their- what I assume was- monetary units? And it's good to know that there's no situation that Kirk won't seduce his way out of if he can. And with his shirt off, too! Bless his little heart.

*I haven't actually watched the Nazi Germany episode yet, but I can't imagine how they can have that make sense. I mean, Nazi Germany had reasons for existing. There was a clear line of events that lead up to Nazis. Compared to that, anybody can turn into gangsters.
**I ask my linguist overlords to remember their humble servant [ profile] skyfyre and think well upon her.

in conclusion )
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So I watched "The Trouble with Tribbles", in which Captain Kirk is a total bitch to everyone and nobody calls him on it. Seriously, I don't think there was any reason to be such a jerk to that guy who was worried about the grain. Just because you don't like grain doesn't mean that it's not important.

I liked how Scotty totally bruised Kirk's ego without even realizing it.

Kirk: Dude. I told you not to get into any fights! What the hell?
Scotty: Sir! They insulted us!
Kirk: Oh my God, are you five? What did they say that was so bad?
Scotty: Well, they went on about how you were a great big jerky tyrant.
Kirk: So you were defending my honor? Unnecessary, but cool...
Scotty: Please. If we went punching someone every time someone thought you were a jerk, we'd be at war with half the galaxy. Get over yourself.
Kirk: Dude.
Scotty: Anyway! They totally dissed my girlfriend The Enterprise. That was, like, the least cool thing ever!
Kirk: I hate you all.

Anyway, that was awesome. But you know what was really awesome? McCoy said the word "bisexual". AND IT WAS AWESOME. Shut up, I take my pleasures where I can.

And Spock was all "Tribbles are illogical and adorable and I shall love it and pet it and... stop looking at me like that". Only, you know, more Vulcan-y.

And then there were a bunch of dead tribbles and I was sad :(. And I bet Spock was, too. He was totally crying. On the inside.

I wonder what emo poetry looks like when Vulcans write it?

And Captain Kirk saves the day! And, I presume, isn't dragged in front of an ethics board or something. Even though I think transporting all the tribbles on to the Klingon ship counts as either terrorism or cruelty to animals. Or something.

And then I saw the Deep Space 9 episode "Trials and Tribble-ations" and I remembered how much I like DS9 (haters can go do rude things to themselves).

In this episode they acknowledge that Klingons have changed since the original series. Worf doesn't want to talk about it. Do you want to mess with Worf? No, you do not.

And Bashir was all "I'm a doctor, not an historian!" and I was all "I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE". And then Bashir wanted to go sex up his grandmother, in case of predestination paradox and I was all "Dear Julian, 1) That's creepy, stop it, 2) are you saying your grandma puts out after the first date? 3) does this mean that unplanned pregnancy still exists in the future? and 4) Dude, that's creepy, stop it."

And it was a cool episode because, look!, there's the original TOS episode and, there!, in the background is the DS9 cast geeking out because they're in the same room as Captain Kirk.

However, the best bit of the episode was finding out that Dr McCoy once had a one night stand with an alien in college~ And 200 years later she still remembers him~ She could tell he was going to become a doctor. He had the hands of a surgeon~

Good times!

I also watched the animated TOS episode "More Tribbles, More Troubles". I never wish to speak of it again.
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I just watched the Star Trek episode "Obsession", in which Kirk was a dick to just about everyone on ship.

There was this cloud vampire creature and all I could think about was Twilight. BECAUSE IT SPARKLED AND SMELLED LIKE HONEY AND I WAS ALL "OMG, EDWARD CULLEN GOES NON-CORPOREAL IN THE FUTURE".

I also left the episode shipping Kirk/That-security-officer-whose-name-I've-already-forgotten ("Come to my quarters, we'll talk about your father" is a total line.) and also shipping Spock/McCoy. And Kirk/Spock/McCoy, because I'm like that. I see your judging faces. Whatever, you know I'm right about them.

I'd also like to point out that Captain Kirk's quarters, for whatever reason, are this wonderful shade of dark pink. They've also painted bits of the ship to look like a green screen. I assume for Sulu's amateur film making efforts.

And poor Scotty looked like he was about to cry when Kirk told him to go faster, damn the consequences.

And how many people died on that planet that needed medical supplies, because Kirk needed to settle a grudge?

And how do we know that the creature was going back to reproduce? It was never mentioned before Spock said that that was what the creature was doing. And then it wasn't mentioned again. And, if the creature was intelligent, that means that they committed murder, because it's not like they tried talking to it all.

Whatevs. Whatevs, I say!

Also, a few weeks ago I watched "The Deadly Years" in which several members of the crew age very rapidly. It was just about as interesting as it sounds. Though it did have Checkov screaming and running away from a dead body. That was pretty funny. And for reasons I don't understand, McCoy and Scotty turned blond in their old age. And did you know that adrenaline can reverse old age? ~*The more you know*~.
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You know, for all that Kirk is the one with the reputation of seducing alien priestesses, Bones is the one who ended up in the weird D/s relationship with the alien queen. She even named her (their?) kid after him.

Doctor McCoy: The lay you never saw coming*.

*so to speak

ha ha ha

Aug. 23rd, 2009 12:25 am
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I just watched the episode of Star Trek called Friday's Child, in which our antagonists wear pastel pelts while trying to be fearsome, Kirk dares Spock and McCoy into doing stuff ("Well, if you say it can't be done..." "I DIDN'T SAY THAT. JUST GIVE ME A MOMENT, DAMN"), and McCoy totally could have made out with a pregnant woman (assuming that he didn't). Seriously, she was all "NO MAN SHALL TOUCH ME" and then she was all "Well, the nice doctor can." Though he did hit her, which wasn't cool (Bones, I don't care if she hit you first, that was perhaps the least professional thing you ever did, and you once stabbed yourself with your own hypospray yeah I remember that).

I also love how the aliens were all "GIVE US YOUR WEAPONS AND OTHER DEVICES", but they let McCoy keep his medkit. Which is clearly a bag of holding or something because it has anything he could even need ever. Who needs a medbay? He has his hip holster of badass.

Also: ~*I'm a Doctor, not an escalator*~
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McCoy: Soooooo. What was Spock like as a child?
Amanda: He was the most adorable little Vulcan child! He had this teddy-bear that he just would not be parted from. Or the Vulcan equivalent of a teddy-bear, anyway. Now, excuse me, I need to go be awesome over there.
Spock: Dear Doctor McCoy,
omg, stfu. It had 6 inch fangs and could rip your face off.
Kirk: ilu guys.

Sarek: Blah blah blah, i r vulcan.
Kirk: Blah blah blah, boring ship stuff.
Sarek: Wife, attend.
Amanda: Well, alright, I suppose I won't embarrass you during a diplomatic mission. But only because I love you.
Kirk: You think you're so special 'cause your partner comes when you call? Mine can do that too. SPOCK, C'MERE.
Spock: I hate everything. Or, I would if I had emotions.

Diplomatic relations: *fall apart*
Kirk: *punches diplomatic relations in the face.*
Diplomatic relations: *stabs Kirk in back*
Kirk: Well, fuck.

Spock: It is only logical to let my father die.
Spock: omg, mommy's mad at me. ;_;

McCoy: *performs open heart vulcan surgery. during a battle. with the power going out. Fuck yeah.*
Kirk: *does something heroic, idk, McCoy was being more awesome.*

McCoy: So, at the end of the episode, Spock and Kirk (and Spock's dad, whatevs) are both bedridden in my medbay.
Kirk: Well, sure, but-
Kirk: *pouts*
McCoy: omg, It is awesome to be me right now. Now, Amanda, about Spock's childhood...

And then McCoy and Amanda went and were awesome. He made her Mint Juleps and she baked him cookies, and the gossiped like nobody's business. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED.
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First off, something I think is relevant to everybody's interests (or should be, anyway): Nathan Fillion in a kilt.

Secondly, I am apparently going to be living with [ profile] pupasilenti next semester without a third room mate! We are pleased with this, as the school originally told her that if we were to room together we would have a third person, but not so! However, we will be on the fourth floor in a dorm with no elevator (and no overhead lights, but whatevs). The school hasn't actually told me about any of this yet, but I take Pupa's word for it.

Next, my schedule for next semester isn't actually finalized until Friday, but I'm assuming any changes to it are just going to be room changes, so I'm going to be taking Shakespeare, Critical Interpretation, Intermediate Spanish, and History Through Novels and Film. Good times!

I'm also going to be going to Worldcon in a couple of weeks and plan to have a grand old time.

I will also never stop loving this Star Trek Reboot AU fic where they are running a fashion magazine in New York. ...Look, I don't judge you and you don't judge me. It's how this works.

Finally, I told [ profile] trifles that I would upload music:

music! )
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It has been brought to my attention that some of you have been talking about my love for Doctor McCoy. I don't understand why you would be talking about my love for him. Do you think it is strange? Because it's not. Because he is the most awesome person ever. I mean, the man can cure a rainy day! Don't try to deny it! When you can cure a moving boulder, you can do just about anything! And he was all like "Whatevs" to a knife being held to his throat! And he keeps booze in the sick bay! And he can kick your ass without spilling a drop of his drink! And he's all Southern! And snarky! And a doctor! And awesome!

ANYWAY, I've watched some more episodes, so let's see what I remember!

First. Nobody mourns for Adonais. Apollo's a douche. I also demand that just once when a super-powered man gives a female officer a pretty dress to wear her reaction isn't "Oooooh!" but "Um. Can I have my uniform back?". I would also appreciate it if she wasn't around just to fall in love with whatever man's around. Yes, I know it was the 60's and just having female officers at all was pretty awesome, but still. On the plus side, this time the woman (who's name I don't even remember) sided with saving the Enterprise.

Also, Chekov's early hair looks like something died on his head. Even a few episodes in the season, I'm not really feeling the Chekov vibe. He was adorable in the new movie! I loved him in the movie! This Chekov just sort of annoys me. Even when he does get his own hair.

After watching "The Changeling" I came to the conclusion that Spock will mind meld with anything that will stay still long enough. I mean, seriously. Crazy man? Rock monster? Robot? He doesn't care! He'll meld with them all! Also, I'm assuming that nobody pays attention to the whole Nomad Wiped Uhura's Mind thing, because I don't care if they can re-educate her, Nomad also wiped everything that made her Uhura and you can't reteach experiences. And it's not like that bit was in any way important to the plot, when they already displayed Nomad's power on Scotty. That annoyed me greatly. "YOU HAVE ALREADY MADE AN INFINITE NUMBER OF ERRORS. EXECUTE YOUR PRIME FUNCTION" "Very well" "NO WAIT! Beam him out." KABOOM "YAY WHOO Warp factor one"

MIRROR, MIRROR ONLY FURTHERS MY "SPOCK MIND-MELDS WITH ANYTHING THAT MOVES THEORY". That was pretty awesome, 'cause McCoy actually looked freaked out by the process. And Evil!Spock backed McCoy into a wall, and it was pretty awesome.

I demand to know what Evil!McCoy is like in the Mirror, Mirror verse. I mean, we only see him for a couple of seconds and everyone is talking over everyone else and Evil!Kirk looks downright feral. I bet Evil!McCoy is almost as hot as normal McCoy.

Kudos to Uhura who, when in a uniform not her own, was all "Dude. What the shit?", though only conveyed through a look to Scotty. Who kind of shushed her. :( And she was the one who was all "I'm frightened D:", right? Hmmm. I don't think I approve of that, either.

Evil!Sulu looked really good with that scar down the side of his face, I'm just saying. I wonder how he got it? I also love how freaked out Sulu was at the idea of facing down some vulcans.

And at one point the Good!Guys were all like "If we're here, then our evil counterparts must be on our Enterprise! What could be happening?!" and then we cut to Good!Spock throwing the Evil!Guys into the brig and going "Wow, this is pretty fascinating. Stay put 'til the captain gets here" and I was all "ilu, Spock".

And Good!Kirk to Evil!Spock was all "Dude, this whole thing is fucking illogical. After I leave, stage a coup. It'll be awesome." and I think it says so much about Spock that good or evil, his personality doesn't change that much. Whereas, Evil!Kirk was clearly feral.

I mean, Kirk was all like "Wait. You were able to detect that easily? What the hell, evil me?" and Spock was all like "As civilized men, it was easy for you to act like barbarians. As Barbarians, it was impossible for them to act like civilized men. Also: That was a fascinating look at the nature of the homo sapiens." And Kirk was all "I think we've just been insulted" and McCoy was all "I know we've just been insulted" and there was laughter all around.

All in all, I like it when people are ~*EVIL*~, for reasons I don't feel like looking into.

In regards to The Apple, I love how McCoy is all for the planet until he finds out that they don't know what sex is. Then it stops being paradise. I also loved that there was, once again, dangerous flora. And, of course, the flower that killed the security guard (he was looking at it funny! It didn't like it!) wouldn't kill Spock. I'm kind of surprised Spock didn't try to mind-meld with the flower. It would have been awesome!

I'm not sure how I feel about Chekov getting the girl. He stills annoys me, even though I desperately want to like him. (Look, I know that it was amazing that they had a Russian on board when Star Trek was filmed during the Cold War. Chekov still gets on my nerves).

Also, let's teach the villagers about sex and violence and free will, but let's not tell them about pregnancy. That'll ruin the surprise!

Also also, I re-watched City on the Edge of Forever, and there were two beds in Kirk and Spock's apartment, but one of them was completely covered with their makeshift computer and I doubt they'd risk breaking it when moving it. So they might as well have had one bed.

Anyway, have some Star Trek motivational posters. Because who doesn't love motivational posters? (My favorite is the one with the gorn).
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I just watching "Operation: Annihilate!", the last episode of the first season. All I can think right now is omg, you guys fail at science forever. Even I know that you shouldn't move on to the next test before examining the results of the previous one! That path leads to blinding your first officer in a fit of stupidity.

But, man, it would have been so awesome if Star Trek existed in a time of arc-based plotting, instead of hitting the reset button at the end of every episode. Can you imagine the sort of wonderful things that could happen? There could have been fall out over the whole Spock taking over the ship thing! Relationships on board could develop! Kirk can actually have emotional continuity in terms of all the girls he's loved and lost! Not to mention the recent loss of his brother, which I'm sure will never be mentioned again! There could also be a war with Romulus going on, since they broke the treaty! And wild things with Klingons, since the diplomatic talks had fallen apart! It would be so cool.

Also, my nose is running and I wish it to stop.

ETA later in the day, so that I don't spam people's flists

I just watched "Amok Time" and PON FARR IS HILARIOUS. There is all this dramatic music, and extreme camera angles and ANGRY BELLS ARE ANGRY. And I think Spock had metaphorical sex with Kirk. 'Cause the blood fever isn't supposed to leave until Vulcans mate, right? And Spock stopped being crazy after he thought he killed Kirk (I suppose one could say Kirk had a "little death"). And after the fight he had no interest in the hot Vulcan chick that every one else was all "Wow, dude, you got yourself a looker" about. Therefore, theirs is a love that shall last a lifetime. Or something.

In conclusion: HA HA Vulcan sexuality!
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I just watched "City on the Edge of Forever". I may have giggled more than was really appropriate. But that's just how I react to things I like! Anyway, I'll try to remember at least some of the things I thought during the episode. In no particular order:

1. Starfleet Officers really need better training. I mean, not only did their Chief Medical Office stab himself with his own hypospray, but the security team also can't guard people worth shit. I don't care if he got Vulcan neck pinched into unconsciousness, that's no reason to stop watching over him. Believe it or not, people can regain consciousness. I know, I was surprised too.

2. Ha ha, the time machine called Spock stupid.

3. McCoy may be a simple country doctor, but he totally took out that transporter technician without any effort. Because he's awesome (we'll ignore that whole impaled with his own hypospray thing)

4. Did no one ever question the strange noises that came from Kirk and Spock's room (get your mind out of the gutter! We'll get to those thoughts in a moment!). I mean, there were all these explosions and high pitched noises! There was a fire! And it didn't seem like he turned the machine off when he left the room (which probably caused the whole "fire" thing, really).

5. I love how Spock made the computer machine thing basically because Kirk dared him. "Oh, you can't build a computer with a stick and some chewing gum? Oh, dear. I thought you were better than that. Oh, well, I suppose such things are simply beyond you. It's okay, I understand". Which really just goes to show that, while hot, Captain Kirk is kind of a jerk.

6. It took me most of the episode to remember that the girl's name is Edith Keller. I kept calling her Sergeant Sarah Brown in my head.

7. Speaking of her, how great is it that McCoy and Kirk flirt with the same girl without even realizing it?

8. Of course she had to die, Kirk. That's the way that TV works!

9. You know, the easy way to explain Spock would have been to say that he has a birth defect. And only bring it up if people ask. Otherwise it seems as if you're hiding something.

10. Never send The Enterprise crew on any sort of covert op. They would suck at it.

11. They also make poor criminals. Stealing in broad day light near a busy street? Good job, guys.

12. I love how even paranoid, deranged, exhausted, and just generally having a bad time, McCoy still takes a moment to go "omg, I would love to go see an old Earth hospital, even though they are creepy as fuck".

13. I am possibly more amused than I should be that that guy phasered himself in the face.

14. I, of course, feel very poorly for Kirk, because he actually liked this girl.

15. On the note of Kirk like girls, DIRTY THOUGHT #1: Kirk and Spock changed in front of each other when putting on the civilian clothes

16. DIRTY THOUGHT #2: There appeared to be only one bed in their apartment and very little floor space.

17. DIRTY THOUGHT #3: Doctor Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy.

I was talking about these things with my beloved mother and one thing lead to another and, well. I demand that someone write me an episode of Star Trek as written by Mary Shelley. Focusing on the relationship between Kirk and Spock. (McCoy can come too, because I love him most, and I'm sure Mary would have been okay with idea of the three of them)
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I just watched "This Side of Paradise" and I would like to point out that the plants came all over Spock's (and everyone else's) face. From what I understand, it's only polite to warn someone before you do that.

Also, Spock likes the pretty blonde girl, but there's a man he's promised to be loyal to up on that bridge....

And McCoy can kick your ass without spilling a drop of his Mint Jullip. I'm not sure if that makes him really badass or really protective of his drink.

And how about McCoy's accent? Clearly happiness to him is being back in Georgia and that was pretty awesome.

And near the beginning Sulu was all "I know nothing about farms! I wouldn't know if something was out of place if it were two feet away from me!" and taking up a large portion of the corner of the screen, not two feet away from him, is this giant plant and I was all "Oh, ha ha, TOS, you think you're so clever".

I would also kill to know how McCoy broke two of his ribs (and if the plants healed that...)

I also loved when they were all sarcastic at each other and happy and joking without weird plant influences.

Also, Kirk is really good and verbally abusing Spock. I wonder how much it bothers him to be called a half-breed. (I think new!Spock would have started wailing on Kirk the moment he brought up his mom. Hell no you do not talk shit about Amanda. She is the bestest mommy in the universe.)

Kirk has this weird thing about the violence inherent in humanity. We're all anger and wants and the desire to hurt and kill. I'm sure if pressed he'll also talk about our equal ability to love and feel compassion, but mostly he focuses on the RAWR RAGE aspect.

Finally, McCoy is favorite, but we knew that already.

(also, dvds, why do you not have English subtitles? My life would be happier with them...)
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So, I just watched "Space Seed" and I would like to say this:


Anyway, I would like to take a moment to say that one of the many reasons I love Doctor McCoy is because when confronted with a man holding a knife to his throat* is to give advice on the best way to kill him. Because Bones McCoy is bad ass.

I realize that the series aired in the 60's, but that doesn't stop the idea of WWIII in the 90's from being hilarious.

I think KHAAAAAAAAN actually went about seducing half the ship.

Also, a bit of advice, never give anyone full access to your library. Especially all the manuals to your ship. Especially after the person just threatened your CMO with a knife.

(I love how Bones didn't even care. "Nearly died a bloody death at the hands of a man from 200 years ago? Eh, just another Tuesday afternoon on the Enterprise!")

Leave it to the historian to fall in love with, basically, an artifact.

Lieutenant Uhura is fierce. Hell no, she won't open the communication frequency. Are you her captain? She thinks not.

I would like to point out that at one point KHAAAAAAAAN had his head between Kirk's thighs. Just, you know, fyi.

I'm also unsure about how intelligent Kirk's decision to let the Super Powered People have their own planet. I mean, you gave them access to your manuals. They know of the build star ships. They have a desire to take over the universe. This cannot end well.

But, most importantly, Bones is hardcore.

(also, my favorite parts are when it's clear the Kirk, Bones, and Spock are actually friends. You know, snarking, teasing, and being awesome at one another. I'm a simple girl of simple pleasures and it's the little things in life that make you smile)



*btw, Bones, keeping the sharp surgical implements where anyone can get to them? Not that bright. I love how you hide the brandy but not the weapons. Priorities: you have them.
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So, I just watched "Balance of Terror" and it was completely awesome. There was a space battle! With Romulans! And it showed how just because they're evil doesn't mean they don't know how to do their jobs! The Romulans, while in the wrong, were still sympathetic characters! It was so cool!

btw, [ profile] pupasilenti, stop looking at me like that, I think we both know that this show has got me hard. It's only natural I post about it non-stop


ETA: I just started "Shore Leave" and not even three minutes in I have to pause to make wild hand motions at my parents (who find these reactions amusing, apparently). I mean, first Kirk gets a back rub on the bridge which involves saying "harder" and he thinks it's Spock rubbing his back. When he realizes that it's the pretty young Yoeman (for once, not Yoeman Rand, who seems to be a glorified waitress), he has her stop. Then we cut to Sulu and McCoy on the planet and when Sulu goes off to do something vaguely responsible, Bones turns around and there's the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and I think to myself "Holy shit, Doctor, maybe you should lay off the drugs, omg". I paused before I could see if he goes after the rabbit or not. I may never stop laughing if he does.

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Me: Evil Kirk!
Mom: Ah, did you just watch Mirror, Mirror?
Me: No, there was no evil Spock running around.
Mom: The one with the android, then?
Me: ... How often does this happen?
Mom: Well....
Me: Mother, it only ran for three seasons! Surely they had other things to do!
Mom: Well, clearly they had detachable ids. "Detachable ids", now there's a nifty phrase...

Also, Bones keeps brandy in the sickbay. Just fyi.


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