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So. "Spock's Brain". That happened.

First, though, I'm gonna bitch about See, last summer I was watching the first season of Star Trek off of the website. I stopped when I got the dvds. Now, I don't have the third season on DVD, so I went back to the website. They have completely redesigned it to be as annoying to navigate as possible. It's now got a video that plays automatically (the last episode of the series). Beneath the video is a box that shows four episodes. And by "four episodes", I mean "as many as four versions of one episode, but at least two versions of two episodes". The episodes in the box are the last two of the series. If you want to find a particular episode, you have to click through the 62 pages to find it. Last summer you could click between seasons, or, if you wished, view the most popular episodes. To find "Spock's Brain", I used the search feature on the site and I found four links for I assume the full video for the episode, but no indication as to what the differences between the four videos are (I understand one remastered and one as originally aired, but what about the other two?). And then there were the over 4000 other hits for Spock's Brain. So I look forward to changing visual quality throughout the third season as I click random links. I am also going to have to look up an episode list for the third season, because I don't know all the episode names off the top of my head and to hell like I'm clicking through Star Trek, four videos at a time, just to find what comes after Spock's Brain.

My point: I want the third season on DVD so bad omg.

On to the episode itself )

ha ha ha

Aug. 23rd, 2009 12:25 am
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I just watched the episode of Star Trek called Friday's Child, in which our antagonists wear pastel pelts while trying to be fearsome, Kirk dares Spock and McCoy into doing stuff ("Well, if you say it can't be done..." "I DIDN'T SAY THAT. JUST GIVE ME A MOMENT, DAMN"), and McCoy totally could have made out with a pregnant woman (assuming that he didn't). Seriously, she was all "NO MAN SHALL TOUCH ME" and then she was all "Well, the nice doctor can." Though he did hit her, which wasn't cool (Bones, I don't care if she hit you first, that was perhaps the least professional thing you ever did, and you once stabbed yourself with your own hypospray yeah I remember that).

I also love how the aliens were all "GIVE US YOUR WEAPONS AND OTHER DEVICES", but they let McCoy keep his medkit. Which is clearly a bag of holding or something because it has anything he could even need ever. Who needs a medbay? He has his hip holster of badass.

Also: ~*I'm a Doctor, not an escalator*~


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