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2012-11-16 01:28 pm
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Star Trek - That Which Survives

Look, this one didn't take me two months to do!

I'm almost done the series. I just have to keep telling myself that.

(I should rewatch an earlier good episode. And do a write up on that. It'd be awesome.)

Three different women spoke in this episode. I'm counting that as a win. )
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2012-10-18 08:28 pm
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Star Trek - The Mark of Gideon

So, after ages and ages, I have finally watched another episode of Star Trek: the Original Series. Alas, the third season is continuing the trend that made me stop watching it in the first place. That trend, of course, is it being really boring. So it tooks me months to watch the episode, and then months to actually write this. Because I miss the times when they would dress up like gangsters or Nazis or face giant space amoebas. You know- quality episodes.

Anyway, on to this episode, “The Mark of Gideon.”

Is it smart to send just Kirk? He tends to cock things up. So to speak. )
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2011-08-15 05:34 pm
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Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

So, a few weeks ago, I was catching up on the most recent season of The Big Bang Theory, because I love me some geeky sitcoms. I'm cheerfully watching next to my twin brother when this happens:

Sheldon: Do you remember what happened in the Star Trek episode "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield?"
Me: Wait. That's the next episode that I'm watching.
Leonard: Uh, Captain Kirk activated the self-destruct sequence and threatened to blow up the Enterprise and kill them both unless he gave in?
Me: DUDE. They totally just spoiled Star Trek for me!
Twin: It's been off the air for, like, forty years.
Me: Yeah, and I haven't watched it yet. I am not amused*

The moral of the story is that you're never safe from spoilers, and you'll get them in the most random places.

Anyway, I watched "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield," and I demand to know what the third season has against decent television. I kept having to pause to psych myself to keep watching, because I kept getting so bored. I've realized that being really boring is the general theme of season three.

I miss season two. Things were good in season two.

This isn't funny. This is pretty much just me spending a couple thousand words hating this episode. )
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2011-06-20 03:13 pm
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Star Trek - Whom Gods Destroy

This episode was largely boring and made me question the intelligence of our brave heroes.

So, really, it was just another episode in the third season of Star Trek.

There are things in my notes that don't even make sense anymore )
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2011-06-13 01:20 am
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Star Trek - Elaan of Troyius

It totally hasn't been a year since I last watched an episode of Star Trek. It's been, like, 10 months. And in my own defense, the last episode I watched was "The Empath." FEMINIST RAGE, y'all. One female character and she has no voice and is treated like an object. SO MUCH RAGE.

But, yeah, last night I watched "Elaan of Troyius," which had three female characters with speaking lines! And one of them stabbed people! It was pretty awesome. Granted, none of the female characters spoke to each other, but I've come to expect that from Star Trek. I WILL TAKE WHAT I CAN GET.

Containing my feminist rage and my amazing changing tenses )
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2010-08-22 12:49 am

The Empath

Well, that made little to no sense.

I don't approve of the sole woman in the entire episode literally having no voice. And they call her "Gem" as if she's just some pretty object that they can own and none of them consider that she might have her own name. And then Scotty compares her to a pearl to be bought and he never even met her. All these men are around going "GEM HAS TO DO THIS THING" and I'm all "DID ANYONE EVER THINK TO ASK HER OPINION ON IT?"

Also, Gem sounds way too similar to Jim and it annoys me.

You know, third season, maybe I would have actually finished you this summer if you didn't suck so bad. )
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2010-07-19 09:16 pm
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Plato's Stepchildren

Well, Plato's Stepchildren wasn't the worst episode I've seen.

It's not the best, but it certainly wasn't the worst.

(Yes, Bread and Circuses, I'm still mad at you. Deal with it.)

I look forward to the day when I'll have something other than Star Trek to talk about )
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2010-07-15 09:11 pm
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The Tholian Web

Yesterday I sent several emails almost like a responsible adult. It was slightly less mature of me that I did it all while still wearing my pajamas in the middle of the afternoon.

I am a winner.

Today I got my hair cut to around my ears, because that's actually the length I prefer it.

Also among my list of accomplishments is watching another episode of Star Trek. This wasn't so bad, though, as it was actually a decent episode. I'm wondering if that's because Chekov spends most of it restrained to a biobed and Kirk spends most of it unable to speak.


Also, I've learned how to make screen caps of the episodes. Fear me. )
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2010-07-13 11:27 pm
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For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky

Mother told me that For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky was going to be a giant space turkey. I contest this. I contest this because it is Bones-centric and hilarious. Which, really, is a lot of what I look for in an episode of Star Trek. I am, after all, a simple girl of simple pleasures. I am also pretty shallow.

Good times.

You know what's great about this episode? Chekov is barely in it. )
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2010-07-07 09:10 pm

(no subject)

I love Star Trek, but it would be so much more awesome if the reset button wasn't hit at the end of every episode. I grew up with arc based plotting in TV shows. These self-contained episodes are really starting to get to me. I mean, Kirk is always going to either piss off or seduce some other race while being a kind of arrogant douchebag about it. Spock is always going to be better and more logical than everyone around him. Bones is always going to either pronounce someone dead without looking or save them mostly by accident. Scotty is never going to know what's wrong with the engines, but that won't stop him from pulling something out of his ass anyway. Uhura is always going to open the hailing frequencies, unless something is jamming them, in which case she can't fix them (though Spock may be able to). Sulu is going to fly the shit out of the Enterprise. Chekov is going to be an arrogant douchebag, but without any of Captain Kirk's charm. None of them are ever going to remember anything that happened to them. Spock's mutiny is good as forgotten. The cloaking device they stole is gathering dust in everyone's mind. Kirk once witnessed a genocide and experienced a famine first hand, but that isn't going to color any of his actions. Kirk has fallen in love (as opposed to casual lust) with at least three women, none of them are ever mentioned again. Kirk's brother is dead, but Kirk hasn't seemed to notice. None of them seemed worried that there is an evil!alternate!universe!version of them and if they crossed over once then surely it can happen again. Uhura lost her memory one episode, but was fine the next one. I'm fairly certain that none of the women have ever spoken to each other ever, which is okay because if they did, it's not like they'd have anything to talk about because they don't have much of a personality to speak of. I mean, I've pretty much forgotten Christine Chapel up 'til now, but it seems that the show has kinda forgotten her too, so whatever. The whole thing is driving me insane and making watching the show difficult, despite my love for it.

Or maybe the third season just blows? I don't know.

At this point, I think I'd be willing to settle just for some banter so that I can be reassured that at least their friendship carries from episode to episode. Also, I really like banter.
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2010-06-26 04:45 pm
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Someday, I'll learn to write things down while I'm actually watching the episode

So, after marathoning the entire first season of Community (twice)(Jeff/Annie ftw), I have watched the Star Trek episode "Spectre of the Gun". I didn't actually pay all that much attention to the episode, though, as I was peeling peaches at the same time and they were giving me trouble (mmmmm, peach pie. good times).

This took me several days. Mostly because of that second Community marathon. With that much time, you'd think this would be a decent length, but no. )
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2010-06-15 12:37 am
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Is There in Truth No Beauty?

After several days worth of distractions, I watched the next episode of Star Trek.

randomly: Spock/Uhura is among my many ships. FYI. )
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2010-06-03 03:13 pm
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And The Children Shall Lead

Well, that bored me to tears. In fact, I think I'm going to blame the headache I had on it. Boo.

creepy children are creepy and not as entertaining as they should be )
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2010-05-29 06:25 pm
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The Paradise Syndrome

So I watched The Paradise Syndrome last night, at 11 pm after drinking a giant mug of coffee.

Because I make awesome life choices.

So let's see what I can remember of the episode.

See Spock. See Spock angst. Angst, Spock, angst )
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2010-05-26 03:14 pm
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The Enterprise Incident




You know, I think I just like any episode that involves Romulans. They're all so cool!

The Romulan episodes show that just because you're enemies doesn't mean that you don't each have a point and that you each have bureaucracy and everyone involved is at least marginally competent at their job.

So, you know, awesome.

Jim Kirk: Mega-douche )
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2010-05-20 05:40 pm

In which I use italics and the word "so" a lot.

So. "Spock's Brain". That happened.

First, though, I'm gonna bitch about See, last summer I was watching the first season of Star Trek off of the website. I stopped when I got the dvds. Now, I don't have the third season on DVD, so I went back to the website. They have completely redesigned it to be as annoying to navigate as possible. It's now got a video that plays automatically (the last episode of the series). Beneath the video is a box that shows four episodes. And by "four episodes", I mean "as many as four versions of one episode, but at least two versions of two episodes". The episodes in the box are the last two of the series. If you want to find a particular episode, you have to click through the 62 pages to find it. Last summer you could click between seasons, or, if you wished, view the most popular episodes. To find "Spock's Brain", I used the search feature on the site and I found four links for I assume the full video for the episode, but no indication as to what the differences between the four videos are (I understand one remastered and one as originally aired, but what about the other two?). And then there were the over 4000 other hits for Spock's Brain. So I look forward to changing visual quality throughout the third season as I click random links. I am also going to have to look up an episode list for the third season, because I don't know all the episode names off the top of my head and to hell like I'm clicking through Star Trek, four videos at a time, just to find what comes after Spock's Brain.

My point: I want the third season on DVD so bad omg.

On to the episode itself )
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2010-05-18 04:20 pm
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Again, Star Trek

For some reason "Assignment: Earth" had a gratuitous cat. I have no idea why that cat was there. It wasn't really serving any purpose. And for some reason that woman had a box for a purse, don't ask me why.

So I've now finished the second season of Star Trek. I don't have the third season on DVD, so I'm going to have to watch them on

The next episode I watch is "Spock's Brain".

We who are about to die salute you.
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2010-05-17 06:26 pm
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(no subject)

So, I just watched an episode of Star Trek. I haven't watched an episode in months. Now that I don't have school work distracting me, I can get back to watching it.

I watched "Bread and Circuses" ("ah, that one", said my mother) and it was just chock full of Spock/McCoy, wasn't it?

'Do you know why you're not afraid to die, Spock? You're more afraid of living. Each day you stay alive is just one more day you might slip and let your human half peek out. That's it, isn't it? Insecurity. Why, you wouldn't know what to do with a genuine, warm, decent feeling' )