Jun. 9th, 2009

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I just watched "This Side of Paradise" and I would like to point out that the plants came all over Spock's (and everyone else's) face. From what I understand, it's only polite to warn someone before you do that.

Also, Spock likes the pretty blonde girl, but there's a man he's promised to be loyal to up on that bridge....

And McCoy can kick your ass without spilling a drop of his Mint Jullip. I'm not sure if that makes him really badass or really protective of his drink.

And how about McCoy's accent? Clearly happiness to him is being back in Georgia and that was pretty awesome.

And near the beginning Sulu was all "I know nothing about farms! I wouldn't know if something was out of place if it were two feet away from me!" and taking up a large portion of the corner of the screen, not two feet away from him, is this giant plant and I was all "Oh, ha ha, TOS, you think you're so clever".

I would also kill to know how McCoy broke two of his ribs (and if the plants healed that...)

I also loved when they were all sarcastic at each other and happy and joking without weird plant influences.

Also, Kirk is really good and verbally abusing Spock. I wonder how much it bothers him to be called a half-breed. (I think new!Spock would have started wailing on Kirk the moment he brought up his mom. Hell no you do not talk shit about Amanda. She is the bestest mommy in the universe.)

Kirk has this weird thing about the violence inherent in humanity. We're all anger and wants and the desire to hurt and kill. I'm sure if pressed he'll also talk about our equal ability to love and feel compassion, but mostly he focuses on the RAWR RAGE aspect.

Finally, McCoy is favorite, but we knew that already.

(also, dvds, why do you not have English subtitles? My life would be happier with them...)


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