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2011-08-15 05:34 pm
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Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

So, a few weeks ago, I was catching up on the most recent season of The Big Bang Theory, because I love me some geeky sitcoms. I'm cheerfully watching next to my twin brother when this happens:

Sheldon: Do you remember what happened in the Star Trek episode "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield?"
Me: Wait. That's the next episode that I'm watching.
Leonard: Uh, Captain Kirk activated the self-destruct sequence and threatened to blow up the Enterprise and kill them both unless he gave in?
Me: DUDE. They totally just spoiled Star Trek for me!
Twin: It's been off the air for, like, forty years.
Me: Yeah, and I haven't watched it yet. I am not amused*

The moral of the story is that you're never safe from spoilers, and you'll get them in the most random places.

Anyway, I watched "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield," and I demand to know what the third season has against decent television. I kept having to pause to psych myself to keep watching, because I kept getting so bored. I've realized that being really boring is the general theme of season three.

I miss season two. Things were good in season two.

This isn't funny. This is pretty much just me spending a couple thousand words hating this episode. )
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2011-06-20 03:13 pm
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Star Trek - Whom Gods Destroy

This episode was largely boring and made me question the intelligence of our brave heroes.

So, really, it was just another episode in the third season of Star Trek.

There are things in my notes that don't even make sense anymore )
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2011-06-13 01:20 am
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Star Trek - Elaan of Troyius

It totally hasn't been a year since I last watched an episode of Star Trek. It's been, like, 10 months. And in my own defense, the last episode I watched was "The Empath." FEMINIST RAGE, y'all. One female character and she has no voice and is treated like an object. SO MUCH RAGE.

But, yeah, last night I watched "Elaan of Troyius," which had three female characters with speaking lines! And one of them stabbed people! It was pretty awesome. Granted, none of the female characters spoke to each other, but I've come to expect that from Star Trek. I WILL TAKE WHAT I CAN GET.

Containing my feminist rage and my amazing changing tenses )
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2010-08-22 12:49 am

The Empath

Well, that made little to no sense.

I don't approve of the sole woman in the entire episode literally having no voice. And they call her "Gem" as if she's just some pretty object that they can own and none of them consider that she might have her own name. And then Scotty compares her to a pearl to be bought and he never even met her. All these men are around going "GEM HAS TO DO THIS THING" and I'm all "DID ANYONE EVER THINK TO ASK HER OPINION ON IT?"

Also, Gem sounds way too similar to Jim and it annoys me.

You know, third season, maybe I would have actually finished you this summer if you didn't suck so bad. )
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2010-07-19 09:16 pm
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Plato's Stepchildren

Well, Plato's Stepchildren wasn't the worst episode I've seen.

It's not the best, but it certainly wasn't the worst.

(Yes, Bread and Circuses, I'm still mad at you. Deal with it.)

I look forward to the day when I'll have something other than Star Trek to talk about )
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2010-07-15 09:11 pm
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The Tholian Web

Yesterday I sent several emails almost like a responsible adult. It was slightly less mature of me that I did it all while still wearing my pajamas in the middle of the afternoon.

I am a winner.

Today I got my hair cut to around my ears, because that's actually the length I prefer it.

Also among my list of accomplishments is watching another episode of Star Trek. This wasn't so bad, though, as it was actually a decent episode. I'm wondering if that's because Chekov spends most of it restrained to a biobed and Kirk spends most of it unable to speak.


Also, I've learned how to make screen caps of the episodes. Fear me. )
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2010-07-13 11:27 pm
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For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky

Mother told me that For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky was going to be a giant space turkey. I contest this. I contest this because it is Bones-centric and hilarious. Which, really, is a lot of what I look for in an episode of Star Trek. I am, after all, a simple girl of simple pleasures. I am also pretty shallow.

Good times.

You know what's great about this episode? Chekov is barely in it. )
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2010-06-26 04:45 pm
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Someday, I'll learn to write things down while I'm actually watching the episode

So, after marathoning the entire first season of Community (twice)(Jeff/Annie ftw), I have watched the Star Trek episode "Spectre of the Gun". I didn't actually pay all that much attention to the episode, though, as I was peeling peaches at the same time and they were giving me trouble (mmmmm, peach pie. good times).

This took me several days. Mostly because of that second Community marathon. With that much time, you'd think this would be a decent length, but no. )
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2010-06-15 12:37 am
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Is There in Truth No Beauty?

After several days worth of distractions, I watched the next episode of Star Trek.

randomly: Spock/Uhura is among my many ships. FYI. )
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2010-06-03 03:13 pm
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And The Children Shall Lead

Well, that bored me to tears. In fact, I think I'm going to blame the headache I had on it. Boo.

creepy children are creepy and not as entertaining as they should be )
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2010-05-29 06:25 pm
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The Paradise Syndrome

So I watched The Paradise Syndrome last night, at 11 pm after drinking a giant mug of coffee.

Because I make awesome life choices.

So let's see what I can remember of the episode.

See Spock. See Spock angst. Angst, Spock, angst )
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2010-05-26 03:14 pm
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The Enterprise Incident




You know, I think I just like any episode that involves Romulans. They're all so cool!

The Romulan episodes show that just because you're enemies doesn't mean that you don't each have a point and that you each have bureaucracy and everyone involved is at least marginally competent at their job.

So, you know, awesome.

Jim Kirk: Mega-douche )
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2010-05-20 05:40 pm

In which I use italics and the word "so" a lot.

So. "Spock's Brain". That happened.

First, though, I'm gonna bitch about See, last summer I was watching the first season of Star Trek off of the website. I stopped when I got the dvds. Now, I don't have the third season on DVD, so I went back to the website. They have completely redesigned it to be as annoying to navigate as possible. It's now got a video that plays automatically (the last episode of the series). Beneath the video is a box that shows four episodes. And by "four episodes", I mean "as many as four versions of one episode, but at least two versions of two episodes". The episodes in the box are the last two of the series. If you want to find a particular episode, you have to click through the 62 pages to find it. Last summer you could click between seasons, or, if you wished, view the most popular episodes. To find "Spock's Brain", I used the search feature on the site and I found four links for I assume the full video for the episode, but no indication as to what the differences between the four videos are (I understand one remastered and one as originally aired, but what about the other two?). And then there were the over 4000 other hits for Spock's Brain. So I look forward to changing visual quality throughout the third season as I click random links. I am also going to have to look up an episode list for the third season, because I don't know all the episode names off the top of my head and to hell like I'm clicking through Star Trek, four videos at a time, just to find what comes after Spock's Brain.

My point: I want the third season on DVD so bad omg.

On to the episode itself )
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2010-05-17 06:26 pm
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(no subject)

So, I just watched an episode of Star Trek. I haven't watched an episode in months. Now that I don't have school work distracting me, I can get back to watching it.

I watched "Bread and Circuses" ("ah, that one", said my mother) and it was just chock full of Spock/McCoy, wasn't it?

'Do you know why you're not afraid to die, Spock? You're more afraid of living. Each day you stay alive is just one more day you might slip and let your human half peek out. That's it, isn't it? Insecurity. Why, you wouldn't know what to do with a genuine, warm, decent feeling' )
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2010-03-01 01:02 pm
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I am so tired right now, you have no idea

Yesterday I watched another episode of Star Trek. It sadly lack amoebas, nazis, and gangsters.

Instead, it had the cold war.

For a while I had been "but where's the moral of this story? This is clearly a story that's working towards a moral." and then the American Flag and commies showed up and I was all "AH! A moral approaches!" And I learned that the American Constitution applies to everyone, including Godless Communists.


I'm not sure I believe it, but I'll take their word for it. You know, whatever.

Really, the more important thing is that in this episode our beloved Captain Kirk seemed to actually believe in the Prime Directive. He was all "DUDE. You interfered with the natives? That's less than cool." And Spock pointed out that it was actually pretty criminal. McCoy said something about survival, but I'm not sure I trust Bones to not be an idiot about things.

I call him an idiot with greatest love and respect, you realize.

And the evil!captain was all "Kirk, you know you want to interfere. It's so much fun! And it's not like you haven't done it before". And you would think that if you were going to interfere with an alien culture and give them phasers and such, you would also teach them how to bind prisoners properly.

And the evil!captain sets Bones to the task of finding immortality while Kirk gets to fight some big strong natives and Spock gets to watch like the voyeur he is.

And Bones considers grabbing a weapon to attack his guard, but he is caught. He grabs a drink, though, because he doesn't believe in an action going to waste.

Kirk and Spock escape their prison and go and rescue Bones. They crash through the door* and knock out the guard and go "Bones! We're here!" and Bones doesn't even blink, because that's how he rolls.

Bones: Whatever. You guys be over there and do thrilling space heroics. I'll be over here doing science.
Kirk: And how is the science going?
Bones: Well, I found out everything I needed to know. We're not dying, we're not risking the ship, and alcohol is yummy. That last one is an ongoing experiment. It requires constant testing.
Kirk:... okay? So you found immortality?
Bones: Fuck, no! Immortality doesn't exist, you moron. Jeez. The natives live so long because it's their natural life span.
Kirk: ... wut?
Bones: You want to live forever? You can try a healthy diet and regular exercise. You might not get forever, but you'll get a while.
Kirk: ... I think I hate you a little bit.
Bones: Eat your veggies is my point.

So there are the Yankees who are big, tall, and blond, and there are the commies who are Asians wearing fur coats. Because they're communists, you see. Yeah.

And there are holy words! The holy words being the declaration of independence and the constitution and maybe the national anthem, I'm not sure. All of these American, of course.

It's what could have happened after the Cold War, see. There would have been confusion and a loss of ourselves.

And we apparently would have lost the separation of church and state as well. I really wish that when Kirk was explaining the real truth about the constitution he would have brought up that they've been confusing political documents with the Bible.

Speaking of the Bible, I'm impressed that they had an exact picture of Spock there to represent evil. And that the evil!captain knew about that picture.

Do Bible's often have pictures of Vulcans in them? My Bible has no pictures at all. This saddens me.

And then there is a fight where Kirk rolls around in the arms of another man and Spock puts a thrall on an innocent women and makes you wonder about that whole demonic thing.

Then Sulu comes down and that moral is made clear and you wonder if anyone is ever going to bring up Kirk's tendency to break the Prime Directive. "A Private Little War", anyone? I think "Return of the Archons" had some Directive breaking, too. And "The Apple"?

Really, though, I think the most important question of the episode is "Why was Sulu in command?" I mean, Kirk and Spock where off of the ship, sure, but where was Scotty? I thought he was third in command? I thought that was established? Is Scotty drunk again? 'Cause if he is, he should have the decency to let the rest of us know.

Because a drunken Scotty is a hilarious Scotty.

*they knock and distract the guard, actually, but whatever
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2010-01-13 02:35 pm

Patterns of Force

Really, I'm surprised that neither Dad nor I started singing Tomorrow Belongs to Me while watching the episode )

On a slightly different note: If you were going to force your friends to watch Star Trek for the first time, which episode(s) would you start with?
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2010-01-08 10:08 pm

Okay, I believe you, but my tommy gun don't.

Today I watched the TOS episode A Piece of the Action, or, has it shall henceforth be known, Gangsters in SPACE! Because that's what it was.

I'm really not sure where to start. I mean. Gangsters. Gangsters. They land on a planet where men just walk around with tommy guns and the women, while not carrying tommy guns (and how unfair is that?) do have hand guns of some kind and wear hats that I envy. Seriously, why did those hats go out of fashion? I would look so cute in one!



You want to know how good Scotty is at his job? The only directions he had was "an intersection with a yellow fire hydrant". And you know what? He found that hydrant. Because he's Montgomery goddamn Scott and if given the instructions "That place. With the thing. You know?" he could find it. That's why he's assigned to the Enterprise. To be the only competent person on board.

Well, him and Doctor McCoy. Who is such a good doctor that he can declare someone dead with out properly examining him or even, really, looking at him. He was able to feel the life leave that man's body. I HAVE TO BELIEVE THIS.

My beloved elder brother made fun of the show for having gangsters and of me for watching it. I told him that a) Gangsters are awesome, b) The setting isn't exactly the point, it's the people involved, c) It makes more sense than the Nazi Germany planet* and d) he's a jerk. Really, the reason this episode existed was to make use of old props and put William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in awesome suits and have everyone waving around tommy guns. And because gangsters are awesome.

I also love how incredibly incompetent the crew of the Enterprise is at doing just about anything. Seriously, every time they went and saw someone on that planet they got kidnapped at gun point. Never mind that they had superior training and technology, the power of the suit overwhelmed them. It was only after they got suits of their own that everything really started going their way.

And by "of their own", I mean Kirk went and stripped a couple of guys! And he didn't even buy them dinner first! For shame, sir. You have a reputation to keep up, remember.

It's great, by the way, how the suits fit them perfectly. Very fortuitous.

And Captain Kirk can't drive a car. He in fact fails at it. I'm sure that if the car was capable of being seduced, he would have been all over it, though. (Perhaps not with his Vulcan boyfriend right there? Did Kirk ever seduce any one where Spock could see him?)

Twin decided that given the rules of Fizzwig that Kirk stated, Spock could probably come up with the actual game. And then beat everyone at it. Like a boss.

I decided that if Uhura had gone down to the planet she could have understood all their slang and used it right back at them. Only without sounding as douchey as Captain Kirk. Because she's a linguist and linguists will eventually take over the world**.

Is it bad, that when Scotty beamed one of the crime lords from one point on the planet to the another point on the planet my first reaction was "BUT NEITHER END HAD A PROPER TRANSPORTER PAD, YOU CAN'T BEAM WITH OUT ONE D:"? Because I did. Because I am a geek. Yes.

I also watched The Gamesters of Triskelion yesterday and I have to wonder why the higher life forms/disembodied brains were gambling on kidnapped gladiators and what they were gambling with. I mean, does Triskelion have any sort of economy at all? Do they have a means of exchanging their- what I assume was- monetary units? And it's good to know that there's no situation that Kirk won't seduce his way out of if he can. And with his shirt off, too! Bless his little heart.

*I haven't actually watched the Nazi Germany episode yet, but I can't imagine how they can have that make sense. I mean, Nazi Germany had reasons for existing. There was a clear line of events that lead up to Nazis. Compared to that, anybody can turn into gangsters.
**I ask my linguist overlords to remember their humble servant [ profile] skyfyre and think well upon her.

in conclusion )